Nursing Home Slip and Fall Accidents Lawyers

Falls are the second greatest cause of accidental death in elderly persons 65 to 84 and the leading cause of accidental death for those 85 and older.  For most senior citizens, a fall can be devastating.  Osteoporosis, or brittle bone disease, can heighten the risk of serious fractures, especially hip fractures that can be fatal or severely disabling.  In addition to broken bones, an elderly person who falls may suffer critical or fatal damage to the brain or spinal cord.

In nursing homes, more than 60 percent of residents will fall at some point during their stay.  Some of them will experience repeated falls.  Many times Slip and Fall accidents in nursing home are the result of nursing home negligence.

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Nursing Home Slip and Fall Prevention Strategies

Upon admission to a nursing home, every resident undergoes a full risk assessment. The resident’s fall history is a critical aspect of this evaluation.  It is the responsibility of nursing home staff to prevent falls and their resulting injuries.  Accordingly, once the resident’s risk assessment is completed, staff must develop a comprehensive care plan that highlights the resident’s risk of falling and strategies for addressing it.  Details of the plan must be communicated to staff and properly implemented.  The plan must also be regularly reviewed to see if it is being followed and whether it is in need of revision.

Fall prevention strategies may include handrails, proper bed positioning, and an individualized toileting program.  To alert nurses when the resident gets up, a chair or bed alarm can be vital.  Restraints, on the other hand, tend to increase the likelihood of falling.  Regular exercise can help to improve a resident’s mobility, but activity programs must be carefully tailored to individual abilities.

NYC Nursing Home Slip and Fall Accidents Because of Slippery Floors and Broken Wheelchairs

Many nursing home falls occur because of preventable hazards like slippery floors, poor lighting, improperly adjusted beds and poorly maintained wheelchairs.  In addition, a resident’s functioning might be impaired by over-medication, improperly fitted shoes and lack of walking aids such as walkers or handrails.  Nursing home hallways and common areas should be well-lit and have easy access to handrails.  Carpeting that is tightly woven will help to avert slips and falls.  Bathrooms should be equipped with raised toilet seats, grab bars, and non-skid flooring.  Staffing levels must be adequate, allowing for quick response to calls for assistance.

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Nursing home fall injuries in New York City are an all too common threat to the life and health of elderly residents.  If your loved has been injured in this way, consult an New York City attorney who is experienced in New York nursing home slip and fall risks and practices.  The Orlow Firm can advise if you have a case against a NY Nursing Home for fee.

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